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Salmiana (200ml)

Salmiana (200ml)

(Agave Salmiana)

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100% AGAVE

Enjoy the herbaceous, citrus, and green chili notes of The Lost Explorer Salmiana Mezcal packed into a reusable on-the-go size. The Lost Explorer Mezcalito hip flask makes a great gift, or can be your perfect travel companion for somewhere, anywhere adventure calls.

Origin San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca

Distillation Double

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  • 12 Years (Agave Age)
  • Aroma

    Green chili, grapefruit peel, fresh agave after rainfall

  • Taste

    Sweet, with fresh citrus and dried herbs

  • Finish

    Spicy, with earthy and mineral notes

Massive in stature, this wild agave species is foraged from its preferred high-altitude, adventurous terroir. Salmiana, also known as the “Green Giant,” can grow up to 12 ft. in diameter and reach as high as 6 ft into the sky.

Our Standards

All of our expressions are made respectfully within the rhythm of nature.

  • Sustainability Focused

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