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(Agave Potatorum)

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100% AGAVE

An earthy expression with hints of tobacco, cocoa, vanilla and leather, offering a unique balance between wood aromas and umami flavors.

Origin San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca

Distillation Double

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  • 10 Years (Agave Age)
  • Aroma

    Dry tobacco, wood and cocoa

  • Taste

    Vanilla, with notes of leather and clay

  • Finish

    Smooth and earthy, with hints of citrus and fresh grass

Also known as the ”Explorer Agave,” the elusive Tobalá is a wild agave that grows in arid, shaded, high-altitude canyons. It is much smaller than its more common kin and extremely rare to find.

Our Standards

All of our expressions are made respectfully with the rhythm of nature.

  • Sustainability Focused

  • Community Responisible

  • Cruelty Free